Back Pains Origin

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Back pain is a term used when one is experiencing pain at his or her back. It is really common and research shows that the number of patients who visit the doctors due to back pains is quite large. Back pain origin comes from different structures of the body such as the bones, joints, spine and even muscles. When we talk about the spine, we mean where muscles, joints, nerves, and ligaments connect. It can either be very mild or very severe depending on the cause and duration of the pain. In serious cases, it can even radiate the pain to other parts of the body. The pain may be experienced on the hands, hips or even legs causing numbness of the affected organ.

Back Pains Origin

Back pain can further be segmented. One can experience pain on the lower back, upper back or the tailbone. It is further segmented according to the seriousness of it and the back pain origin too. Pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks is called chronic pain. The one that lasts between 4 to 12 weeks is called subacute and the one below four weeks is called acute. Most people experiencing the pain are usually diagnosed with acute back pain which does not have much effect on the human body.

However, some conditions may announce the need for worry since they could be signs of complicated medical situations.

  1. If the patient starts having a condition called bladder inconsistency, there is a need to worry. It is a condition whereby the patient is no longer able to hold his or her bowels and could even be unable to stand comfortably with his legs.
  2. Having other symptoms besides back pain. For example interruption of sleep, fevers, weight loss etc.
  3. In case of back pain caused by road accidents, the patient could have suffered from fractures.
  4. In case an individual with other medical conditions experiences back pain, they could be at high risk of spinal fractures.
  5. Breast cancer and prostate cancer which are known to spread to the spine should go for regular checkups to avoid further medical conditions
  6. Studies have also shown that stress at workplaces or problems within marriages or relationships could be related to back pains too.
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After the realization of having back pains, one should formulate ways to deal with the situation so that the daily routines of the person are not interrupted. People have different methods that they use to ease the pain. Some use aspirin, others use therapies such as massages to relieve the pain, we also have the heat therapy and ice therapy, surgeries and physical exercises like walking. Different people use different methods to ease the pain since the cause is also different. Exercise should be done with a lot of care to avoid further damage.

Surgery should come as the last option to take care of the problem. In case the patient has to undergo surgery, it  should be done by a certified and professional individual. It is also important to know the first step toward curing or manage back pains is to establish the back pain origin.

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