Back Pain Triggers

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Several aspects may be causes of back pain triggers. People think that only physical aspects can cause this. They can also be caused by emotional factors. Emotional stress in one’s life could range from your workplace to your married or your relationships with people. So we can say that back pain triggers are both emotional and physical. Studies have shown that when people are undergoing stress, they tend to unconsciously tighten their back muscles which can be a source of the pain.

Back Pain Triggers

It can either be mild, not severe and even very severe. It also tends to happen on different parts of the back e.g. lower back, upper back or even the neck. It can even affect the whole back in general. Sometimes it happens at a go but other times it happens gradually. The pain is divided into three categories.

  1. 4 weeks and below-acute (Usually it is not very dangerous but it can affect ones way of conducting his daily chores. Many cases fall within this range).
  2. Between 4weeks and 12 weeks-Subacute
  3. Above 12 weeks and above-chronic (Professional medical help is needed since it can lead to other more serious medical situations).

A person experiencing stress usually has low back pain, shoulder pains, and neck pains. There are some home remedies that you can use to treat lower back pains caused by stress.

You can use ice cubes and place them on your back for 5 to 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes are over, you will realize some change. However, it should not be used on a swollen back.

  1. You can use hot water or a towel with hot water and massage the back gently. It is very relaxing and will automatically work wonders.
  2. Some people prefer using painkillers such as aspirin or tramadol to ease the pain. You can get such medicine from your local chemist or buy them online instead of waiting for the pain to start stinging. Buying the drugs online is less tasking since it saves time and energy.
  3. Try to rest in a position that relaxes your back muscles. For example, when sitting down you can place your legs in a slightly high position. When sleeping, lie on your side and place a pillow between your legs. This way, you will be in a comfortable position such that no strain will be exerted on your back.
  4. Moving can make your muscles strong and certainly relax. One is encouraged to do a little walking since staying in bed could worsen the situation. Walking is a good exercise especially for the lower back. However; it should be done with supervision since overdoing it could also be dangerous.
  5. If you use all of the above-stated methods and still the pain persists, it would be wise to consult a doctor since assuming the problem could lead to a lot more dangers and discomfort.
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Above listed are back pain triggers and some of the home remedies you can use.

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