Back Pain Causes

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Back pains can really be stressing. They can range from minor to severe headaches. Here are the most common back pain causes. One could have either injured himself, overworking the back, or pressure on the nerves. What are affected are the muscles, joints, and ligaments. The spinal canal can be affected by the below-listed causes.

  1. Spinal stenosis – The spinal canal narrows. It is a sign of old age since it happens as one becomes older. It could cause pains on the back.
  2. Herniated disc – This type of pain is caused by repetitive activity. It could be sports or during work. The work could involve lifting and pulling things. In case the individual strains his back to when lifting, it exerts pressure to the lower back causing pains.
  3. Osteoarthritis – It happens as an individual gets older. It happens when it affects joints in an individual spine causing the pains. Osteoarthritis does not only affect the back since it can also affect the hips making an individual limp.
  4. There is also another cause of back pain which is experienced when an individual’s vertebra moves over the other one.
  5. A form of arthritis that usually affects the spine.
  6. Infections from bacteria. The bacteria can be carried by blood from one part of the body to the spine. The infection could have come from an infected bone
  7. There are growths that may happen on the bones or spinal cords causing the pains.

The above back pain causes can occur,

  • During accidents especially if the spine is affected.
  • Deformities of the spine that can happen to a person.
  • Compression fractures that can happen if some force is exerted to the spine. It really affects women at their menopause.
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The pains can either be minor or very severe. It is important to have a health insurance company to help you out in case of such problems. In case where an accident is involved, a passenger or driver may feel uninjured but may be wrong about it. The pains can occur months after the accident and can become worse as time goes on. So it is advisable for anyone who has been involved in a road accident however minor to visit a doctor who deals with soft tissues to have a look at them instead of taking painkillers all the time.

Back pain causes

Lower back pains can either affect your lower right back or lower left back. Research has shown that pain on the right could be experienced if the pelvis is not in its original position making the spinal joins to tighten. Excessive sitting can expose you to the danger of having back pains. However; you can take care of the situation by maintaining a good sitting posture to avoid this. Also, ensure that you do a lot of exercises to avoid the negative effects of sitting down for long hours. This informs us that it is not only manual work that can lead to painful backs but also driving our cars for long hours.

If this kind of situation happens to you or somebody in your home, consult a doctor who is going to inform you the back pain causes and how to deal with them.

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