Back Pain and Age Factor

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Back pain and age are two compatible words. Most people experiencing back pains range from the age of 35 to 55 years. Though it is painful and causes a lot of discomforts, in most cases it is not usually very serious. It is associated with joints, tissues ligaments tendons and also the spine. One can experience lower back pains or upper back pains which could be as a result of disorders of the aorta while the lower back pains could be as a result of muscles, spinal cord, discs etc.

Back Pain and Age Factor

However, there are some things that can be used to reduce or fully avoid lower back pains. Such include overweight which can be reduced, smoking which can be stopped, avoiding strenuous exercises and physical work, stress at the workplace could be minimized, lifestyle change. There are some conditions however that can not be avoided such as age, pregnancy, and gender. Back pains tend to happen to women more than it does to men.

Back pains have an easy symptom to recognize which is feeling pain in your back. However, there are some situations that you can not avoid in case it happens.

  1. Weight loss is a serious symptom which should give you a sign that you need to visit a doctor.
  2. Back pain that extends all the way to below your knees or pain that is felt even below your feet.
  3. You experience some swelling on your back.
  4. Persistent pain that results to lack of sleep.
  5. The patient experiences fever.
  6. You are unable to hold your bowels and you mess yourself up unintentionally. You may also find it hard to urinate
  7. You experience numbness on your buttocks, genitals and also the anus.
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Also, it is important for these individuals to seek the help of an individual if they experience back pains. Since back pain and age go hand in hand, individuals below the age of 20 years or above 55 years should not be experiencing back pains. Seek help

  • Patients who suffer from low immune systems.
  • Patients that have cancer especially prostate and breast cancer which are known to spread to the spinal cord.
  • Drug addicts.People who take steroids.

Some of the activities you do every day may also result to back pains.

  • If you carry, lift, push or pull things that are so heavy
  • Standing or bending for a long time could cause the problem
  • Muscle tension or overstretching.
  • Driving for many hours.

For medication, one should get medication that matches the cause of the pain. The doctor may prescribe painkillers for you and usually, it is used for short periods. Physical therapies which could range from massage, heat and ice therapy etc. Change of posture when sitting or standing can also contribute to the same. Unfortunately, some of the back Pains could be caused by sleeping on bad and uncomfortable mattresses. The term back pain and age should also come to a halt by making sure that elderly people take foods that are rich in calcium.

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